I come from the mountains of Central Idaho and my mom and dad are two of the three greatest people I've ever known.  I have eight brothers and four sisters, and we were all raised in the same log cabin our father was born in.  Our mom and dad owned a 1,600 acre ranch with about 200-300 head of cattle, a dozen or so horses, a few hogs, a coop of chickens, some turkeys (when my folks could get them for a good price) and less than 100 head of sheep (which was still too many, but it generated revenue more often than it didn't).  We all punched cattle, herded sheep, built and mended fences, bailed and bucked hay, wrangled calves, rode horses, milked cows by hand, slopped hogs, gathered eggs, fed and feathered chickens, chopped firewood, tended the irrigation, and got the tar beat out of us by one or more of the aforementioned animals.

My wife of 29 years is the first greatest person I know.  We are blessed with four kids - all high school graduates! - a son-in-law,  a sweet little granddaughter and grandson, who just started crawling.  I am a full-time GIS Analyst and a part-time singer-songwriter.  I've never made a living from music in my life and don't expect to--I just write songs because they're in me.

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