Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Video Planned

Hi family and friends! I want to congratulate the 10 artists who were selected for the singer songwriter III contest finals. They are all outstanding artists, deserving of such recognition.

Being the persistent cuss my daddy raised me to be, I've decided to enter the next contest, if there is one. If anyone's interested, I could sure use some help putting together a video that looks at least semi-professional. Cameras and AV software would be helpful if anyone can make them available; however, I really just need someone to focus on the visual end of things so I can focus on the music. We'll be in Idaho and Utah over the summer, for those of you in that area who would like to contribute your vision.  Please leave a comment if you would like to help.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Plans for 2014

Hey family and friends, I've written two new songs and have three or four more (conceptually) in the pipe. I'll try to get as many of them written and recorded as I can by year's end.